26. Januar 2009

barotic interiorities - ws08/09 finals

The model of present interior spaces - being a collage of simple and unrelated elements, cannot compete with their historical counterparts in terms of their richness,coherency and precision of formal organization. These interiors managed it to create a high level of qualitative differentiation and intensity in respect to the part to part and part to whole relationships.

This project explores dynamic systems, in seeing its potential of embedding an infinite amount of interior conditions without losing the overall coherency. By translating architectural elements into dynamical inputs a vector field results providing a system which differentiates gradually and correlates systematically surmounting conventional collage techniques. Streamline-Method is used to visualize these vector data. By controlling the line output: tangent to normal a fluent shift from texture to structure is achieved. Thus various architectonic elements with different function: structure (facade, stairs),texture (floors, furniture) appear as iconic figuration within the system. Various subsystems express a structural differentiation which correlates with material/textural differentiation.

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johannes hat gesagt…

hey jungs, das projekt is' ja klasse.
die ästhetik von den samples gefällt mir sehr!!!!!!